Hornbill Festival–Nagaland

Nagaland-a part of Seven Sister of North Eastern India is all set to Celebrate its Hornbill Festival in the month of December starting from 1st December to 10th December 2013,Organised by the State Directorate of Tourism every year since 2000, … Continue reading

Traditional Festivals of North Eastern States..

India is Unique in its own way and I can assure that no one would find such uniqueness anywhere in the world..India is full of Culture,Traditions,Festival that is worth experiencing once in Life–That is why I say–“Agar India ko nahi dekha to kya dekha”(Means–If you haven’t seen India than what have you seen).. 🙂

And in This post I will present you with such Culture–The Traditional Festivals of NE India,In India every state has their own traditions and Culture and they are worth seeing and enjoying,So without wasting much time come lets know more about North Eastern Traditional Festival… 🙂
Before this let me remind you North East India comprises of–The Seven Sister State-Assam,Arunachal,Manipur,Mizoram,Meghalaya,Nagaland and Tripura and the Himalayan State of Sikkim.

So Let’s Start–

  • Assam-The main traditional Festival of Assam is Bihu,there are 3 types of Bihu celebrated at different times of the year namely Magh Bihu(January),Bohag Bihu(April,embark the New Year of Assam),Kati Bihu(October) and out of this Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu is the most colorful celebrating with Bihu Dances all over Assam and Assamese people around the world..Apart from that festivals like Baishagu celebrated by Bodo Community,Majuli Festival in Majuli,Ali Ai Ligang celebrated by the Mishing Community.Apart from these there are many more other festivals celebrated in Assam with lots of enthusiasm by the Assamese People(And By Assamese I mean everyone from Assam)

    Festival Assam

    Festival Assam

This is from Assam,Please stay tuned for other NE States in my next post.. 🙂