About North-East India

Hey Guys,

This Blog is all about North-East India,its beauty,its tradition,cultures,tourism and many more.

Being from North-East India,I know the potential of  this part of India,but in recent times I felt that no proper light is thrown promoting NE India in terms of tourism,In India tourism is a growing industry and at this moment I feel that the time is right to put some light on the beauty of North-East India…. 🙂

Basically people from other places have some misconception about North-East India,they believe NE India to be pretty hostile,But let me clarify–things has changed in NE India in recent times and hostility is everywhere,There is no 100% peaceful place in the world.But as they say “Beauty lies in the eye of Beholder”.I request everyone to not build any misconception about NE India until and unless you have faced one personally..

I grew up in Assam and has been to most of the Parts of NE India but never for a while I felt the places to be hostile but full of culture,tradition,nature,lovely people.. 🙂

So tighten your seat belts and off we go on a virtual tour of My Land,My Place–North-East India

And Most Importantly everyone is Invited to join me.. 😀
For the Time Being Enjoy this Collage of Traditional Dances of North-East india

Traditional Dance Collage

Traditional Dance Collage

And Wait Wait Guys–To know more about me–Visit my other Blog–All Resource


10 thoughts on “About North-East India

  1. Awesome! North-east is an amazing part of India rich in its tribal culture, natural beauty and of course, wild silks! It is also true that it is neglected throughout its history until today. Good effort Harsha! I am eager to know more about the most beautiful North-east India!

  2. Just chanced on your blog – while I have never been to North-east, I would definitely want to do a trip someday. And I have heard stories of the beautiful country side and hospitable people. All the very best in promoting this blog!

    • Indeed North-East is very beautiful and through this blog I will try to present its beauty to the world and You are more than welcome in NE anytime.. 😀
      Thanks for dropping by.. 🙂

  3. [ Smiles ] You have your work cut out to do; now, you have to constantly keep your readers abreast of the activities taking place in North East India.

    • Yes indeed and I will put up my effort so that I may provide all the necessary information about Nort-East India.. 😀

      Thanks for the precious advice.. 😀

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