North East India-Tripura

North East India–Tripura

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It’s time for us to visit another North-Eastern state known as Tripura.It is the Third smallest state in India bordering with Bangladesh to the North,South and West and Assam and Mizoram to the East.

The Capital City of Tripura is Agartala and is the second largest city in NE India after Guwahati.Just like other North Eastern State there is much more to see here in Tripura also especially the Natural Beauty it exhibits.Tripura is home to many  Indigenous communities with Bengalis making up the population of Tripura.

The main languages spoken in Tripura is Bengali and Kokborok though Hindi and English is also spoken to some extent.Tripura is well connected by Roads from Assam and also has an Airport known as Agartala Airport which has daily flights to most of the cities in India.Till 2009 there was no Rail Transport present in Tripura but a rail connection was established between the…

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