Sivasagar–The Historical Town in Assam(Part 1)

For the past few days I was unable to put up any post on North East India due to the busy schedule..But nevertheless I am back with a post about a Historical Town in Assam–Sivasagar.

Sivasagar dated back to the days when Ahom used to rule Assam and this Town was the capital of Ahom Kingdom,though this town now has emerged as an important centre for the tea and oil industries,it is still famous for Ahom Palaces and Monuments.

It is a town in Upper Assam and is about 350-400 kms away from Guwahati(Capital City of Assam).Previously known as Sibsagar meaning “The Ocean of Lord Shiva”,this town’s main feature is the water body which is a 257 acre tank known as “Borpukhuri” from which it takes its name.The tank is surrounded by three temples and they are–Sivadol,VishnuDol and DeviDol.

The major attractions of this Town involves The Water Tanks built by the Ahoms,fondly known as Man-Made Lakes,Ahom Places,Monuments and in this Post I will try to highlight all of them.. 😀

First Let’s Talk about the Lakes–There are 4 Water Tanks in Sivasagar and each of them is a beauty to watch,they are namely–Borpukhuri or Sibsagar Tank,JoySagar,RudraSagar and GauriSagar.

  • Borpukhuri–Covered with an area of 257 acre this 200 years old tanks is a treat to watch and is surrounded 3 prominent Temples namely Shiva Dol,Vishnu Dol and Devi Dol
  • JoySagar–The biggest man-made lake in India and well probably the biggest man-made lake in Asia is a sure place to visit when you are in Sivasagar.It covers a total area of 318 acres and on its bank lie four important temples of Assam, namely Vishnu temple, Devi Ghar, Shiva Temple and Ghanashyam Temple.
  • RudraSagar–It was built-in the year 1773,at a distance of eight km from Sivasagar town,is a huge temple devoted to the worship of Lord Shiva,apart from the temple a number of Vaishnava Satras, Muslim Dargahs, Buddhist and Sakta shrines are also found here.
  • GauriSagar–This 150 acre tank is another treat to watch,located at a distance of 12-15 kms from Sivasagar Town,On the Banks of this Lake,three temples were built that are dedicated to Goddess Durga and her many forms.
Sibsagar Tanks

Sibsagar Tanks

*Image Credit–Google

Now Time to move on to Ahom Places and Monuments and Temples–Well talking about the Monuments and Temples,there are plenty of them that are worth a visit,which were mostly built around 18th century..

In my next post I will Write about the Monuments,Temples of Sivasagar and How to Reach Sivasagar from any parts of India..Stay Tuned. 😀


19 thoughts on “Sivasagar–The Historical Town in Assam(Part 1)

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  2. Harsha this blog is really a window to the north-eastern region. You are doing a great job by bringing out the hidden gems of our country. Looking forward to your post on the temples and monuments.

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